Parking Blocks:

Available in Yellow – Blue – White – Terracotta

6’L X 6”W X 4”H 34 lbs.

4’L X 6”W X 4”H 17 lbs.

Easy Rider Speed Bumps:

6’L X 12”W X 2.25”H 51 lbs.

4’L X 12”W X 2.25"H 32 lbs.

6”L X 12”W X 2.25”H End Cap 5.5 lbs.

Safety Rider Mini Speed Bumps:

35.5”L X 19.5”W X 2.1”H 36 lbs.

35.5”L X 19.5”W X 2.1”H End Cap 32 lbs.

*100% Recycled Rubber from Tires
*Highly Visible with Embedded Reflective Tape
*Lightweight and Easy to Install
*UV Resistant
*Durable to Extreme Temperature Variations
*Products Mold to uneven Surfaces

Wall Guards and Corner Guards:

*Protects Infrastructure and Vehicles
*High Impact Virgin Rubber
*Ideal for Parking Decks, Warehouses and Loading Docks

Bollards Covers:

*Maintenance Free
*Easily Slides Over Existing Post
*High Quality Plastic, Fade Resistant
*Improves Property Appearance and Increases Visibility